Meet Your Farmer

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My name is Devon Crews and I’m looking forward to being your farmer. I grew up right here in Lincoln, Nebraska, a community of people who understand what the good life really means. I have had the opportunity through many long road trips to see a lot of different places in our country and I haven’t found another place that feels as comfortable and welcoming as Lincoln. I am very pleased I chose to put down roots less than three miles north of Lincoln, to pursue my dream and passion of producing food for my local community.

I spent my summers at a local Montessori school and summer camp called Prairie Hill Learning Center, located just outside of Lincoln. The community there fostered a passion in me for the natural world. I learned to garden and to identify plants and animal prints. I learned how to ride horses, both English and Western style, and even competed briefly in Dressage. When I was about 12, the school installed solar panels and a wind turbine, which sparked my interest in renewables, which is what I originally pursued at the University of Nebraska Lincoln.

In college, I discovered that I still had a passion for sustainability and renewables but didn’t want to spend my time behind a desk. So, I switched majors from Electrical Engineering to Environmental Studies and took all the small scale farming classes that were offered. After college, I began looking for land and continued my education through two premier market farming courses, from leaders in the field: Jean-Martin Fortier of Les jardins de la grelinette (Saint-Armand, Quebec) and Ferme des Quatre-Temps (Hemmingford, Quebec), as well as Connor Crickmore of Neversink Farm (Claryville, New York).

I approached my grandparents who raised me and were looking to down size as my grandmother had just retired, and offered that I would take care of them as they aged and help them to maintain their health and independence. In return, they would help provide an opportunity for me to farm.  The idea was that this would be a gradual process of me providing care as it was needed down the road to allow them to remain living in their own home for as long as possible. After some thought they called and agreed to a plan to find some land for me to farm with a place on it for us all to start our next chapter.

A few months later, my grandfather had a major stroke. He was completely paralyzed on his left side and couldn’t swallow. After a year of intensive rehab he was able to walk again, with help. My grandparents wanted to live in their own home, but without a full time care giver that wasn’t an option. So, we revisited the original plan and found a small acreage right outside of Lincoln. I’ve been taking care of them both full time for the past two and a half years. At last, things have come together, not in the way I had hoped or imagined, but I am grateful for the opportunity to give back to my grandparents and for the opportunity to become your farmer.

I look forward to meeting you in person at the Farmer’s Markets and out on the farm where I’d love to give you a tour this spring.

A large part of knowing your farmer comes from understanding their growing practices. Please follow the link to learn about my growing practices or feel free to come visit and ask me in person!