Growing Practices


No synthetic pesticides

Pest control is one of the biggest challenges on any farm. Instead of relying on synthetic pesticides, we mainly use wire hoops and insect netting to exclude pests from the food we grow for you. We know how important your family’s health is to you, and that’s why we don’t cut any corners. Plus, that way we can help protect our friends, the bees.


your farmer

We take pride in every crop we grow. We use certified organic, non-GMO seed as often as possible, the few seed varieties that are not certified organic are non-GMO, and have been bred for flavor, not just shelf life. We understand the value of water and use precise technology to apply only what is needed. We test our soil regularly and only apply soil amendments when they are needed to prevent excess runoff. We never use any synthetic chemicals to kill weeds, instead we focus on weed prevention and use hand tools to cultivate as needed.  


Feeding the soil

Growing nutritious produce requires investing in the soil. In order for the vegetables you’re eating to provide you with the vitamins and minerals you need to thrive, we have to make sure that the plants get the right balance of nutrients too. We use cover crops like clover and field peas that pull carbon and nitrogen from the air and store them in the soil. We use high quality compost sourced from Big Red Worms, right here in Lincoln, and the alfalfa meal we use to give our plants a boost comes from a family farm just outside of Fremont, Ne. Like you, we believe in supporting local businesses.