Our Values

Today there are so many labels regarding food: local, organic, non GMO, sustainable, natural and so on. Those labels are an important first step in understanding where your food comes from and how it’s produced. Unfortunately, as those labels have become marketing tag lines instead of the bed rock that the pioneers of the organic movement envisioned 40 years ago, we must look back to the roots of those ideals. I believe that if you want to know where and how your food is being grown, then you have to get to know your local farmer.


Community Supported Agriculture

A CSA is a way that you can invest in your local community. By purchasing a share, you provide critical capital for small farms, like ours, to maintain our day to day operations so that we can focus on growing delicious produce for you to put on your family’s table. Our CSA will start in mid to late May and last for 20 weeks. Currently, we offer two sizes of shares. Our individual share will provide you with vegetables for one or two people each week. Our Family share will provide all the veggies you will need to keep a family of 3-4 happy and healthy each week. By purchasing a share, you save at least 15% each week compared to if you were to purchase your produce from our stand. Plus, by purchasing a share, you receive 10% off any additional produce you purchase from us.


Farmers Markets

Find us at the Fall Brook farmers market and at our pop up location during our CSA pick up. Location details are being finalized soon. You can also pick up produce at the farm by contacting us by text or email to work out a time. Turnaround time for custom orders is usually under two days. Click below to find out more!

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